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"Me Too" Sexism, Bias and Sexual
Misconduct in the Legal Profession


As the "Me Too" movement shines a light on sexual misconduct and sexually inappropriate actions, it's time to examine the effects of this kind of conduct in the legal community. In a 2018 American Bar Association survey of 3000 professionals in the legal profession, 68% of female respondents and 19% of the male respondents indicated that they had been the victim of sexual harassment. In this interactive presentation attorneys will learn why sexual misconduct and bias is a pervasive problem in the legal profession, reasons that legal professionals are reluctant to report this problem, and how to foster an environment to prevent this type of misconduct. We will review disciplinary cases involving inappropriate sexual conduct by judges, prosecutors, and attorneys. This interactive presentation even gives you the chance to pit your opinions about the disciplinary violations against the actual rulings by the Ethics review boards in each case. Attendees have described this presentation as informative, helpful, dynamic, and an important discussion about a relevant topic.