About Phil

Philip Bogdanoff is a trained educator with an undergraduate degree in education. After graduating from law school he became an assistant prosecutor in 1981 and worked for Prosecutor Lynn Slaby, currently an Ohio Public Utility Commissioner, Prosecutor Maureen O'Connor, currently Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court and the current Prosecutor, Sherri Bevan Walsh. Mr. Bogdanoff argued 20 cases before the Ohio Supreme Court including six death penalty cases. He acted as a police legal advisor to numerous law enforcement agencies reviewing search warrants and providing legal advice on search and seizure. During that period he taught at law enforcement seminars for the Summit County Prosecutor and did training classes for the Akron police department, Summit County Sheriff, and surrounding jurisdictions. Mr. Bogdanoff first developed an interest in ethics and professionalism when he participated on a task force with the Ohio Ethics commission and United States Attorney’s Offices investigating corruption in Summit County government. This investigation resulted in felony convictions for high ranking employees of Summit County and contractors employed by the county. In 2002 he was honored as the Summit County Prosecutor employee of the year. After 30 years of public service, in 2008 he retired from the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office and became a continuing education presenter for attorneys, prosecutors, police officers, legal administrators and numerous other groups. In 2013 Mr. Bogdanoff was appointed as an independent consultant on a police shooting involving 13 police officers in Cleveland, Ohio by Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty writing a 67 page report detailing whether 13 police officers used excessive force. He is licensed to practice law in Ohio and various federal courts. He lives in Copley, Ohio with his wife and has three sons. 

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